Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking


Why choose the services of a professional pet sitter?

  • You care about your pet’s well being and quality of life and want him/her to be happy. Our pets give us nothing but unconditional love and deserve to be happy, too.
  • Your pet won’t get stressed out. He/she gets to stay in the comfort of his/her own home while you’re away.
  • Your pet won’t be near other pets thus less likelihood of him or her getting sick.
  • Your pet will be home to greet you after your long trip, tail wagging and all. (OK, so if you have a dog he/she will. We all know cats don’t get that way)
How does it work?

1   Decide what type of visit is best for your pet. Click here to learn more about services offered.

2   Contact your pet sitter.

3   Schedule your free Meet & Greet with your pet sitter to discuss your pet care needs in detail.